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This isĀ  h1 heading style

This is the h2 heading style

This is the h3 heading style

This is the h4 heading style we use this mostly for tiny sub heads or the introductory copy for paragraphs. Sometimes we use it for bullet points in panels as its a little larger and stands out a little more.

This is the h5 heading style which we like to use for sub heading in large sections of text
This is the h6 heading style which is sometimes used for captions and call outs.

This is the body text style so i will; write a paragraph here so you can see what that looks like in situ. Its basically Lexend Deca Book. The font weight is 300 and there is a tiny amount of letter spacing at 0.2px. Its 16px on 24px of line height. This will give you an idea of what that looks like hopefully.