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We’re a team of tech solution experts that looked at the world of property management compliance and thought there had to be a better way for property managers to protect tenants.

So, we created SENSOR – a world first, smart devices and cloud-based workflow compliance software.

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Founded in 2020, SENSOR was established with a clear mission: to save lives by providing automated solutions for property and asset managers, as well as trade suppliers, to streamline compliance management.
At SENSOR, our goal was to eliminate the burdensome manual processes associated with compliance by simplifying and automating the entire system. Our scalable solution is designed to meet the needs of diverse markets, including Australia, the USA, and other global regions.
Thanks to the support of key investors and an infusion of capital from Second Century Ventures in 2023, SENSOR has been able to expand its reach and impact. We are proud to be a part of the Reach Australia Accelerator Program 2023, which has further enabled us to grow and enhance our offerings.

All we want to do is save lives.
We know that won’t show up on any P&L, or give a bump to the ROI.
So we changed the system. Making it simpler. Safer. More reliable and automated.
Our 24/7 smart technology gives always on protection for people, and properties. Making everyone’s lives safer.

SENSOR: A Journey Through Innovation

Dive into the history of SENSOR with our company timeline. From our humble beginnings in 2020 to becoming a leader in IoT safety technology.

  • Aug 2020  Company Founded
  • Jan 2021  Patent Pending approved
  • Apr 2021  Hub & Alarm  prototyping
  • Jul 2021  Software platform scoping
  • Mar 2022  Beta Software complete
  • May 2022  Full platform device testing
  • Feb 2023  CSIRO Approval
  • Aug 2023  1st API integration
  • Dec 2023  SOC 2 compliant
  • Jan 2024  Additional IOT device planning
  • Feb 2024  Insurance Partnership signed
  • Mar 2024  Major Capital Raise complete
  • Apr 2024  Water Leak device integrated
  • May 2024  National installer onboard


SENSOR’s roadmap as we pave the way towards a smarter, safer future in property management. While we’re excited about what’s on the horizon, we can’t reveal all our plans just yet.

  • Sep  2024 – UK setup
  • Apr  2025 –  USA launch

Cloud Software that connects home safety hardware

Sensor Cloud Software

Saas CRM system

Sensor Hub

Sensor Smoke Alarm

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Water Leak Detector

Detects pooling water

Gas Leak Detector

(in development)

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