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Complete control, reduced-risk and improved compliance for Property Managers

Your headaches

Property Managers are responsible for legislative compliance

Smoke alarm inspections generally only once a year

Alarms are invisible to Property Managers for 364 days a year

Managing alarms and access issues with tenants is frustrating & time consuming

I really can’t honestly say I know if every property I manage is compliant.

Tenants take smoke alarms off the ceiling and we have no idea, it’s so dangerous.

Property Manager, Melbourne, Australia

Our Solutions

  • Supercharge your smoke alarm compliance

  • Smoke alarm vision 24/7, 365 days a year from your desk in real time

  • Remove inconvenient and costly physical inspections with automated remote testing from your desk

  • Manage by exception any smoke alarm and water leak tamper or fault notifications freeing up valuable work time

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Smart Home technology meets property management

The SENSOR Hub has a wireless connection to up to 20 devices

Your connected and automated ecosystem of integrated cloud software and smart IoT devices

Full integration with your property management trust software

  • API Integrations with Property Tree, PropertyMe & Console
  • Fully integrated, automated reconciliation
  • Potential professional indemnity insurance benefits
  • Provide 24/7 evidence of your compliance
  • Automated work orders sent to your trade contractors
  • 5-year manufacture backed warranties
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SENSOR partners

Real-time, risk-reduction remote access

  • Automated management of smoke alarm testing at intervals set by you
  • No need for property access for testing and compliance
  • Remote one-off testing whenever required
  • Add additional SENSOR IoT devices to any home, anytime, easily


  • Assurance and peace of mind that all smoke alarms are in place and connected

  • Manage by exception – action only required on non-compliance events

  • SENSOR systems stay live during loss of power (up to 48 hours)

  • Interconnected alarms – when one sounds they all sound


Why should you change?

So you can keep your tenants safe

Sensor provides property managers with a new level of compliance.

To become a more trusted property manager

Offer the latest and best safety devices to landlords protecting their tenant and property.

To free up some time

Free up two weeks, or 80hrs a year of time currently dedicated to managing smoke detectors.

Cloud Software that connects home safety hardware

Sensor Cloud Software

Saas CRM system

Sensor Hub

Sensor Smoke Alarm

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Water Leak Detector

Detects pooling water

Gas Leak Detector

(in development)