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Complete control, reduced-risk compliance for Asset Managers

Your headaches

Asset Managers are responsible for legislative compliance

Smoke alarm inspections generally only once a year

Alarms are invisible to Asset Managers for 364 days a year

Access issues with tenants are frustrating & time consuming

How do you put a ROI on saving lives? The safety of our clients means being compliant is so important.

Asset Manager, Sydney, Australia

Our Solutions

  • Automating your smoke alarm compliance

  • Smoke alarm vision 24/7, 365 days a year from your desk in real time

  • Manage by exception any smoke alarm and water leak tamper or fault notifications

  • No inconvenient onsite visits with remote testing

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Smart Home technology meets asset management

Asset Managers now enjoy a new level of automated compliance.
The Sensor Cloud software tells you if anything is wrong.
The Sensor Hub has a wireless connection to up to 20 detectors

Your connected and automated ecosystem of integrated cloud software and smart IoT devices

Simple data transfer to your core asset management software

  • Automated remote testing and audit trails
  • Asset register for all SENSOR devices auto created
  • Provide 24/7 evidence of your compliance
  • Automated work orders sent to your trade contractors
  • 5-year manufacture backed warrantys
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Real-time, risk-reduction remote access

  • Automated management of smoke alarm testing at intervals set by you

  • No need for property access for testing and compliance

  • Remote one-off testing whenever required

  • Add additional SENSOR IoT devices to any property, anytime, easily


  • Assurance and peace of mind that all smoke alarms are in place and connected

  • Manage by exception – action only required on non-compliance events

  • SENSOR systems stay live during loss of power (up to 48 hours)

  • Interconnected alarms – when one sounds they all sound


Why should you change?

So you can keep your clients safer

Sensor provides a safer home with continuous connection and tamper alerts

Create robust audit trails

Ensure your organisation is compliant 24/7 with remote testing and reporting

To free up your time

Until now managing smoke alarm compliance was a time consuming and often frustrating task