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An investment in responsibility and value for Property Owners

Your headaches

Property Managers are responsible for legislative compliance

Smoke alarm inspections generally only once a year

Alarms are invisible to Property Managers for 364 days a year

Managing alarms and access issues with tenants is frustrating & time consuming

Sure I want to protect my investment, but a young family rents my townhouse, that’s who I care about.

Property Owner, Tempe, Australia

Our Solutions

  • Multiple smoke alarms tests per year for a low flat connection subscription

  • Give your Property Manager real-time alarm vision 24/7 – 365

  • Enjoy better property compliance with remote testing anytime

  • A safer home is a more attractive offering to tenants

Refer Sensor to your Property Manager

Smart home technology just got smarter

The Sensor Hub has a wireless connection to up to 20 detectors

A connected and automated ecosystem of integrated cloud software and smart IoT devices

A more efficient way to keep your property compliant

  • Remote management of your smoke alarm made super easy

  • Building and landlord insurance benefits

Refer Sensor to your Property Manager

Real-time, risk-reduction remote access

  • No more need for on-site testing for compliance

  • Automated management of smoke alarm testing at intervals set by your Property manager

  • Remote, one-off automatic testing whenever required

  • Easily add more Sensor IoT devices to any of your investment properties at anytime

Be Sensor Safe

  • Assurance and peace of mind that all smoke alarms are in place and connected

  • Interconnected alarms – when one sounds they all sound

  • Installation by your property manager’s trusted Sensor trained electrician

  • Water leak and Gas leak devices (now in development in the Sensor Design Lab)


Why should you change?

So you can keep your tenants safe

A Sensor connected home is simply safer

To make your property more attractive

Safety will be a key feature next time it’s available to rent

Save with one low fee

Your Property Manager will set multiple automated alarm tests each year