Making homes safer
places to live for

Your headaches

Intrusive and annoying
alarm inspections
in your

Uncertainty about the
of your alarms

Lack of smoke alarm care
and instruction

Alarm malfunctions and
changing batteries

I don’t even think about the smoke alarms anymore, I just know me and the kids are protected


Our Solutions

  • Automated remote alarm testing
  • Alarms are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Online and dedicated helpline
  • No changing batteries. Sensor Alarms have 10 year battery life

If your home does not have a Sensor Alarm network installed, refer us to your Property Manager so we can have a chat about Sensor safety benefits.

Smart Home technology keeping your family safer

The Sensor Hub: The ‘brains’ behind the operation that brings together all the alarm devices.

Sensor Cloud Software: This is ‘Mission Control’ for your compliance and audit that is managed by exception.

TENANTS: Sensor makes safer places to live, with less intrusions for tenants and their families.

Water Leak Detector: Avoid water damage to your properties with a connected device that boasts a 5 year lithium battery.

Sensor Smoke Alarm: It’s interconnect and CSIRO approved with a 10 year lithium battery back up.

Gas Leak Alarm: Poisonous gas and carbon monoxide can be deadly - Alert early and notify to save lives.

PROPERTY + ASSET MANAGERS: You are in control with automated remote testing, audit trails and line of sight to connected devices

A connected and automated ecosystem of integrated cloud software and smart IoT devices

Sensor is life saving stuff

If you have Sensor Smoke Alarms and other devices in your rental property, you’ve got the most advanced 24/7 connected alert system available – that’s great news for your family.

Our alarms check in via the Sensor Hub and our own custom software to confirm they are connected every 5 minutes continuously for 10 years. The system has its own dedicated internet connection that doesn’t interfere with your Wi-Fi in any way.

Because it’s all connected, your property manager will automatically test your alarms remotely to comply with regulations. The system will even communicate with you for a suitable time for these tests to occur.

But it means no random inspectors needing to come into your home to test any alarms, as it’s fully remote. Only working smoke alarms save lives, so please never tamper with any installed alarms in your property.

You can rest easy knowing you have the most advanced smoke alarm system installed, protecting you and your family.


I’m not sure if the smoke alarm is working, can I test it myself?
Yes you sure can or ask your property manager to do it remotely. To test any smoke alarm, simply push the test button on the alarm for two seconds with your finger, and the alarm will run through a loud test pattern alarm.
Should I remove cobwebs from around an installed alarm?
Yes, and whenever there are spiders or bugs living around the alarm. But never spray insect repellent near an installed smoke alarm. You can use a hose vacuum cleaner, close to the alarm for 30 seconds, but do not touch the alarm. They are installed to protect the lives of everyone in your home in the event of a fire, so please care for them well.
Do I need to change the batteries in the Sensor Smoke Alarm?
No - Sensor alarms power themselves for 10 years. It makes them easy to look after, a money saver and great for the environment. We estimate we’ll save over 50 million batteries ending up in landfill over the next 10 years.
What happens if I open the installed Sensor Smoke Alarm?
Please don’t as there is never any need for you to open the alarm. If you do open the alarm, it will beep twice, then let your property manager know it has been opened as a tamper alert.
Can I cover the alarm?
No, not ever. Your lease will state you cannot tamper with any smoke alarm installed in your home. If the Sensor alarm is covered, it is likely to set an alert for your property manager. For the sake of your safety, and the inconvenience and likely cost to you for a technician call out, never cover your alarms.
Do Sensor devices record or film anything we do in our home?
Absolutely not. There are no recording devices of any kind in Sensor Smoke alarms or any Sensor device.

The Sensor Ecosystem

Be Sensor Safe

  • Assurance and peace of mind knowing smoke alarms are always working
  • Sensor systems stay live during loss of power (up to 72 hours)
  • Interconnected alarms – when one sounds they all sound