IoT - Internet of Things - offers huge benefits to property managers

Andrew Cox Oct 5, 2023

Australian proptech startup Sensor Global has launched a new automated smoke alarm system that is revolutionising how smoke alarms are monitored and managed in rental properties across the country. 

Sensor Global’s smart IoT (internet of things) devices and connected cloud-based software offer remote management, testing and monitoring of interconnected smoke alarms for the residential housing market, making life significantly easier and less stressful for property managers. 

Company co-founder and CEO Andrew Cox said installing Sensor Global IoT smoke alarms removed the need for regular physical smoke alarm inspections and all of the cost, coordination and access issues this can create for tenants and property managers.  

“Our team has been motivated by the shocking Fire and Rescue NSW statistic that 56% of fire fatalities occurred in homes that had a non-working smoke alarm,” Mr Cox said.

“Landlords are obligated to have smoke alarms installed in all states, but physically inspecting them regularly is a huge impost in terms of time, coordination and cost - and if the smoke alarm fails between inspections, tenants are at risk. No one wants that.”

Mr Cox said the Sensor ecosystem had been designed to give property managers the ability to automatically or manually test smoke alarms remotely and receive real-time alerts if there is an issue in one of their properties under management.

One of the big benefits of IoT smoke alarms over traditional alarms is they no longer require costly regular physical inspections that can be time-consuming and annoying to coordinate.  

The Sensor Global IoT smoke alarms also send an alert to the property manager if they are tampered with by tenants, or become dirty due to dust or other obstructions. 

Mr Cox said IoT had huge benefits for property managers in terms of time and cost savings as well as peace of mind. Sensor Global will also soon to be released water leak detectors, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and gas alarms.

“Sensor Global’s unique platform offers a system that assures compliance 24/7 with a simplified and automated workflow, that replaces current and inefficient systems that require manual inspections,” he said.

“We’re starting with smoke detectors, but have other IoT devices in development because it just doesn’t make sense to send a man in a van constantly with all the work that involves for all parties.”

Technology brings efficiency to smoke alarm compliance in rental properties